Upstate Pickleball has a tradition of recognizing a player for going above and beyond to contribute to our community. This tradition began in 2009 with recipients being inducted into The Order of the Pickle. In 2019, we renamed the award in honor of Walter Jacobs, a bright light who made everybody shine brighter on the pickleball court.

So far, 20 players have been recognized for making our community better and bigger. (See the list here.)

Upstate Pickleball has become SO BIG that to “award” just one person for going above and beyond in contributing to our growing community isn’t enough.


Nominate a player or players that have helped to foster greater community, expand our impact, and/or be an admirable leader. This is a player or players that have clearly made Upstate Pickleball better and bigger in 2022.

Nominations will be accepted until Friday, January 6. A small group of anonymous Upstate Pballers will review the nominations and select those players most deserving of recognition.

Our 2022 UPSTATE PICKLEBALL HEROES will announced at our CELEBRATION Happy Hour at Think Tank Brew Lab on Wed. January 25 (5:00 to 7:00 pm).

To nominate an UPSTATE PICKLEBALL HERO, fill out the following form. (You can nominate more than one person.)