The Upstate Pickleball Playing Calendar lists the locations, days and times people are playing pickleball in the area. Every location listed on our calendar is “Open Play” which means just show up, be social with other players and you’ll get in some games. Balls and loaner paddles may be available for players at some of these listings, but don’t expect it.

Learn about the Upstate Pickleball playing culture.

Are you a Beginner?

Beginner players may feel more comfortable playing at these places on our Calendar:

  •  Victor Gym  (Greer)
  •  Mauldin Senior Center (Mauldin)
  •  Simpsonville Senior Center (Simpsonville)
  •  Phillis Wheatley Community Center (Greenville)
  •  Sterling Community Center (Greenville)
  •  YMCA (various locations)
  •  Churches (various locations)

Many Upstate Pballers are using the TeamReach app on their phones to organize play at various locations and to get connected with other players. 


NOTE: Recreation centers are usually closed on major holidays (and during inclement weather). Outdoor public courts are open for play (weather permitting). And if it’s colder than 50 degrees, then many players will likely choose not to play outdoors.

Our Playing Culture

Upstate Pickleball has a unique playing culture that is very inclusive and welcoming to new players. Our playing culture started back in the fall of 2007 and as we’ve grown, our playing culture has remained strong. Learn more about where people play and how you can join in on the fun.
Where and when do people play?

Our Online Playing Calendar lists the places and times you can expect to find other players. Every location listed on our calendar is “Open Play” which means just show up, be social with other players and you’ll get in some games. The most common places people play are: Timmons Park, Gower Park, Southside Park, East Riverside Park and Tryon Park.

What does “Open Play” mean?

The Upstate Pickleball culture on public courts is “Open Play.” You show up solo (or with a group) and you can get into games. You will usually play games with different partners so our “Open Play” culture is a great way for you to meet other players.

How do players rotate and off the courts?

When all courts are full, you will see players “stacking” paddles on a rack attached to a fence. Each stack has four paddles and when a game finishes, players rotate off the court and the next stack of four paddles rotates onto the open court. 

To get in a game, simply stack your paddle in the rack. Other players will join you by stacking their paddles. You’ll wait until a group of four finishes a game and when your paddle stack is next, your group of four players will rotate on to the open court.

The signs at Gower Park explain the player rotation process. (The stacking concept is the same as stacking quarters on a pool table for who has next game.)

What if all courts are not full? Can I still get in a game?

If all courts are not being used, it will take a little longer for you to get in a game. You may have to wait until other players show up to get a group of four to play. When there are open courts, many times groups of four players will continue to play games on the same court. However, when all courts are in use, the courtesy is for players to start stacking paddles and rotate on/off the court.

How long does a pickleball game last?

A pickleball game is almost always played to 11 points. Expect a game to last about 15 minutes.

How long can I expect to wait to get in a game when all courts are full?

During peak times with lots of players waiting to play, it may take as long as 15 or 20 minutes to get in a game. During less crowded times, it may take only a few minutes for you to get into a new game. This wait time gives you the opportunity to get some water, check your phone and socialize with other players.

Where can I learn the basic rules including how to keep score?

Check out the RESOURCES section of the Upstate Pickleball website. You’ll find beginner information and advanced playing strategies.