Do you enjoy helping new players, visiting players and local players feel welcome on the pickleball court?

Do you like participating and being helpful in the Upstate Pickleball Facebook Group and/or TeamReach Groups?

If yes, please join the Upstate Pickleball SERVING TEAM.

As of April 12 … 110 Players have committed to serving. Will you serve?

The Upstate Pickleball SERVING TEAM is a group of players who are outgoing, encouraging, supportive and are passionate about offering everyone a sense of belonging.

Expectations of the SERVING TEAM are simple:

  • Be friendly to others on the Pickleball court.
  • Start conversations with new and visiting players.
  • Take initiative to ensure all players have the opportunity to rotate into games.
  • Answer questions from players on our Facebook Group and TeamReach Groups.
  • Help players to get more connected with the Upstate Pickleball community.

Joining the Upstate Pickleball SERVING TEAM is easy. Fill out this short form and then expect follow-up communication from someone currently on the SERVING TEAM.