Amazing. Exciting. Fantastic. Fun.

This poem sums up all the amazing, exciting, fantastic, and fun we had during the Winter 2024 Homeschool Pickleball Semester. Coach Sandy and Coach John enjoyed teaching this class and we hope you all keep playing pickleball!!! 

Homeschool Pickleball Joy

In the realm of homeschool joys, where learning’s quest unfurls,
Pickleball stands as a beacon, where excitement whirls.
For these kids, who crave adventure, in each serve and volley spun,
Pickleball’s allure is unmatched, second to none.

In the backyard or the local court, their stage is set to shine,
With paddles gripped in eager hands, they’re ready to define,
The thrill of every rally, the joy of every point,
In this game of skill and strategy, they never disappoint.

Their minds, like sponges, soak it in, the tactics and the play,
With each match, they grow more confident, in every single way.
They learn the art of teamwork, the value of fair play,
In pickleball’s arena, they find their place to sway.

Excitement fills the air, as they serve and smash with glee,
Their laughter echoing loudly, as they dance in victory.
For homeschool kids who find delight in pickleball’s charm,
Each match, each moment, brings a sense of calm.

Fantastic, amazing, incredible, they declare with every hit.
Pickleball’s magic never fades, not one little bit.
In the world of homeschool adventures, where learning’s always won,
Pickleball stands as a testament to joy and endless fun.

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